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Web-tex Shemagh Neck Scarf

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Brand: Web-tex

Web-Tex Shemagh - Shemagh from WebTex in cotton, with tassles. Size: 43'' x 46''

The shemagh can be worn in a variety of ways to suit the user and environment; the traditional head-dress, a face protector, a neck scarf, or even a wrap. The shemagh has a long history of use in the British armed forces, dating back to the early 20th century, making it suitable for military re-enactors or historical Airsofters; it was even standard issue equipment to British forces deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan until 2014. Comfortable, practical and even fashionable, this high quality shemagh is a brilliant additon to anyone's wardrobe, whether they're looking to stay cool in the sun, customise their Airsoft loadout, or simply want a little military chic and Middle Eastern fashion.

Available in a choice of colours - Green, White, Red, Desert Tan.

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