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Springfield Armoury M1a Underlever Air Rifle .22

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The Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle is a faithful rendition of the M1A, the civilian version of the legendary M14. This spring-piston pellet gun is a great addition to any pellet-rifle collection. It features a wood stock for an authentic feel and a steel single-shot barrel. You can use these pellet guns for hunting small game or for target practice.

With a caliber of 0.177" or 0.22", a barrel length of 18.9", and a weight of 9.9 lbs., this high-powered pellet gun is a great option for beginners and collectors. The underlever design means that the cocking lever is located directly under the barrel, and the cocking effort is about 35 lbs., making this pellet rifle safe to use any time. This rifle also features an anti-bear-trap safety mechanism to prevent the loading chamber from closing while you load pellets into the gun.

This air pellet gun features a 2-stage non adjustable trigger, and the recoil pad has a rubber insert, adding extra security for your shoulders. Each rifle features a manual safety and uses a coiled-spring piston to fire its ammo out of the chamber. No matter which version you pick, this M1A will add a classic and historic look to your air-rifle collection.

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