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PARD DS35 70 LRF Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope Day/Night

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Product Details
Brand: PARD

The DS35LRF has a traditional day scope exterior, but it is a multifunctional day and night scope with cutting-edge

technology. DS35LRF stays one step ahead of the competition by being the first to use a new 800 x 800 Circular LTPS display.

This results in higher picture resolution when combined with a highly sensitive CMOS 0.001 low lux image sensor. Users

can select a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (2K) or 1920 x 1080. With a ballistic calculator and a 1200yds LRF, users can

improve their accuracy and hunt smarter with smart technology.

Key features

  • 800*800 Circular LTPS display 1920*1080/ 2560*1440 , the first in the world
  • Image shift zero
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Patented focus-free lens cap
  • Long eye-relief display system (LEDS)
  • 350m Adjustable IR fifill light
  • 1200yds laser rangefifinder
  • Self-activated recording
  • Completely new UI
  • 4 Image modes (color, black and white, green and yellow)
  • Multi-functional control knob
  • WiFi
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 6000J Recoil resistance
Model DS35
Resolution(px) 2560*1440
Pixel size(um) 2.9
Sensitivity(lux) 0.001
Frame rate(fps) 30
Image engine PARD VLEA
Objective lens 50mm F2.4/70mm F2.4
Optical magnification(x) 4/5.6
Digital zoom(x) 2
Field of view (HxV) Horizontal 4.873.4°
Field of view (HxV) Vertical 4.873.4°
Field of view (HxV) Diagonal 6.874.8°
Foclk ranpp 5m-oo

Eye relief(mm) 100
Exit pupil(mm) 10
IR Illuminator
IR power(W) 5
IR illuminating level 3 levels
IR distance(m) 350
IR wavelength(nm) 850/940
Resol ution(px) 800*800
Reticle style 6
Reticle color white/yellow/green
Color mode Color/Mono BW/Mono Green/Mono Yellow
Photo resolution(px) 2560*1440
Photo format JPG

Video resolution(px) 1920*1080
Video format MP4
Storage TF card (128GB)
Main Function
LRF detection range 5-1200yds (LRF version)
Power Supply
Battery type Lithium Ion 18650
Output voltage(V) 3,7
Operating time(h,max) 8
External power supply(V) USB Type-C
Environmental Characteristic
Degree of protection IP67
Operating temp(°C/°F) -20oC-50°C~-5°F-120oF
Recoil power(J) 6000
Housing Aluminium Alloy
Product dimension 350*88*95 (w/o long eyepiece)
(Lx Wx H, mm) 410*88*95 (w/ long eyepiece)
N.W/pcs 680 (w/o battery)
(with/without battery, g)
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