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How to get a UK firearm certficate

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Need advice on getting your firearm certificate? Here's the information you need on what police are looking for and what is judged as a good reason to own a firearm.

A firearm certificate is valid for five years, which is the same length of time as a shotgun certificate. However there are differences between the two documents.

When is a firearms certificate necessary?

  • Both air rifles and more powerful guns are the same in the eyes of the law – they’re seen as firearms
  • In England you don’t need a licence for low powered air weapons, unless they are of a type declared as dangerous.
  • You can read the latest laws on air rifles here.
  • A firearms certificate costs £88 for the grant and £62 for renewal
  • If you are renewing your certificate, BASC recommends that you allow at least 12 weeks for your renewal to come through, before the expiry of your certificate.
  • Do not wait for renewal letters to arrive before starting the process.

Completing your firearm certificate application

  • Download the firearms certificate application form from the Government website here.
  • You will need to state the calibre and type of gun and ammunition you want to use. This needs to be specific rather than broad; you can’t state a generic group such as .22 CF.
  • Your completed form must be accompanied with four identical passport photographs of yourself. You also need to provide details of two people who have agreed to act as a referee for you. They must be British residents, have known you for at least two years and be of good character. A family member cannot be a referee and neither can a registered firearms dealer, a person employed by the police or Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).
  • As part of the process, you will be asked to give permission for the police to approach your GP. If you aren’t registered with a GP in the UK, you can’t complete the form.
  • You will need to provide details of any land you have permission to shoot over, or of any target shooting club you are a member of.
  • You should have some form of secure storage for your guns, and also for your ammunition.

How do the police decide who to give a firearm certificate to?

The police will carry out a number of checks including interviews, visits to your property, references from friends and record checks to decide if you are safe to own a firearm or rifle.

The police need to be satisfied that:

  • You are fit to be entrusted with a firearm and aren’t prohibited from possessing one
  • You have good reason for possessing or purchasing a firearm
  • You can possess the firearm or ammunition without being a danger to the public safety or peace

What is good reason to own a fiream?

The police want to see that you need your rifle or firearm on a regular basis for work, sport or leisure. It is up to the chief officer to decide what constitutes a good reason. However, chief officers can exercise their discretion over what constitures a good reason.

What are variations?

A variation is needed if you want to change details of the firearm(s) on your certificate. You can download the correct form here.

A “one for one” variation is needed if you are replacing an existing firearm or you want to change the type of rifle or firearm you are allowed to possess. This will be processed for free. Often the application doesn’t need to be re-examined.

If you want to increase the number of guns and/or component parts you hold, including sound moderators, you will need to pay a variation fee of £20.

When don’t you need a firearm certificate?

  • If you have a low powered air gun
  • If the gun is classed as a de-activated firearm
  • If you work in the service of the Crown or police
  • There are certain other exceptions such as shooting at a Home Office Approved Target Shooting club, for example.

Young people and firearms

Young people aged 14 – 17 can legally borrow an air rifle and ammunition and use it without supervision on private premises where they have permission to shoot.In a public place, they need to be supervised by someone aged 21 and over and have a reasonable reason for doing so. At this age they can’t hire or receive a firearm or ammunition as a gift. It must be bought and looked after by an adult.

Children under 14 can use an air rifle but they need to be surpervised by someone at least 21 years old.

What about if you inherit guns?

If you inherit any kind of firearm including a shotgun, the person inheriting the guns must declare them to a registered firearms dealer or the police. If you fail to do this, you are breaking the law and could lose any opportunity of getting your firearm or shotgun certificate and retaining the guns.

It’s advised that you declare these to a firearms dealer who will be able to advise you on their value or how to proceed if you wish to keep the guns.

What if you lose your firearm certificate?

You can have it replaced for £4.

If your certificate is very dirty, mutilated or so full that legible entries can’t be made, you are entitled to a replacement for free.

We also recommend that you join a top shooting related organisation such as the BASC which will back you regarding all aspects of shooting sports aswell as give you shooting insurance as part of the membership.

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