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ASE Jet Z CQBS Borelock QD .223/5.56 Sound Moderator Suppressor AR15 Rifles

Product Details
Brand: ASE

The Ase Utra jet-Z™ CQB and CQBS suppressors are lightweight,ultra-compact rifle suppressors.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra OY, the jet-Z™CQB and CQBS suppressors incorporates Ase Utra's patented jet-Z™baffle system reducing noise report to the shooter of just 27-30 dB from a .223 Cartridge.

The jet-Z™ CQB and CQBS are all-steel, all-welded units.

The jet-Z™ CQB adds only 484 to 505 grams net weight and 125 mm added length to a typical rifle and the CQBS is even smaller and lighter at 411-432grams and an added length of 96 mm.

With a diameter of just 40 mm, the suppressors are slim enough to be used with low-mounted telescopic or iron sights.

The jet-Z™ CQB and CQBS are fitted with the Bore Lock QD mounting system.


The jet-Z™CQB and CQBS suppressor reduces sound pressure level by 28-32 dB (A) (depending on calibre and measurement location)

In addition to the reduction in sound signature, the suppressor also reduces recoil and an added benefit is the elimination of visible muzzle flash.

Rifles tested with the jet-Z™ CQB and CQBS suppressor comply with the new personal noise exposure limit set by European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa or137 dB(C)).

All units supplied with a 2 year warranty.

Moderators require the BoreLock muzzle break attachment fitted, we supply either the Hiper 4 prong or the traditional birdcage. If you want to use your own muzzle device you will require the Borelock mounting collar.

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