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24HR Ration Pack

Product Details

  • Excellent Survival 24 Hour General Purpose Military Operational Ration Packs. All you need for Energy Survival for 24 Hours Or Even Longer ! Each ration pack has an approximate nutritional value of 4000Kcals, 550 gm of Carbohydrates, 133gm of fat and 100gm of protein. All packs include Breakfast, Main Meal, Pudding and Lots Of Sundries !

  • Sundries Include 4 x Beverage Whitener, 2 X Coffee, 2 X Teabags, 4 x Sugar, Pack of tissues, Dental chewing gum, waterproof matches, Wet Wipes, water puri tabs, Spork and Re-Usable Poly Bag
  • Random Selection were unable to specify contents, Also please note the rations are out of the printed date however anyone who has had these before can confirm that these packs have an incredibly long shelf life well after the date shown. Brothers in Arms cannot and will not take responsibilty for any consequences that may arise from consuming these packs such as allergies or poor food prep as we do not pack them, and by purchasing this product you agree to the above.

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