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Umarex T4E HDP .50 Cal Paintball Pistol

Product Details
Brand: Umarex

Umarex T4E TP 50 cal. (formerly HDP50) CO2 training pistol firing rubber and pepper bullets with a calibre of 0.50/12.7 mm , designed for training and recreational shooting. This RAM (Real Action Marker) is built to impress!

Realistic construction

The T4E TP 50 was made on the basis of the construction and mechanics of modern semi-automatic pistols. The frame and the pistol lock are made of matt plastic, a material resistant to weather conditions, corrosion and mechanical damage.

The gun uses a number of solutions found in firearms, among others trigger fuse, accessory rail, profiled grip and enlarged bow for comfortable shooting with gloves.

In the front of the skeleton there is an accessory rail in the Picatinny standard, used to mount a laser target marker or tactical flashlight. The marker handle has profiled finger holes and a non-slip texture that improves grip.

Built-in magazine

Umarex T4E TP has an integrated magazine with a capacity of 6 bullets , which facilitates and simplifies the operation of the gun. To load the magazine, block the feeder in the front position (on the right), turn the gun over with the rail upwards and slide the bullets in through the visible hole.

In the magazine we can use different types of balls.

Easy aiming

The gun has mechanical sights with optical fibres that highly absorb ambient light. Sights are better visible, easier to obtain and allow for quick "entry into the target."

Constant readiness for action

TP is powered by a 12 g unthreaded CO2 capsule mounted in a profiled handle.

You should expect around 30 shots per CO2 Capsule.

Safe to use

The T4E TP 50 uses a DA (double action) trigger mechanism with a trigger fuse, the presence of which forces the finger to be positioned correctly. The trigger has a relatively short reset and slight idle movement.

System CO₂ Training-Marker
Calibre .50
Magazine capacity 6 shot(s)
Length 213 mm
Weight 682 g
Energy <7.5 Joule(s)

This product is not marketed or sold in the UK for the purpose of "home defense" and we will not sell this product for that purpose, this gun is classed as a paintball marker and should only be used as such, we do not accept any responsibility for any financial loss or injury caused through misuse of this product and advise users to stick strickly within the law at all times.

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